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Interested in a fishing holiday? Newport KYPD has enough experience to recommend the best places for catching fish. The best place to go is Sweden , where they have a whole variety of species of fish! Not only that, Sweden has locations that will appeal to your own personal taste whether it be lakes, rivers, the sea, it's all up to you to decide what you want to fish and where you want to fish.

There is an airport in Kiruna with daily flights from Stockholm and Lule. If you want to go by car is the distance from Stockholm to Kiruna is 1251 km. Trains go from Stockholm to Kiruna every day.

If you decide to do a fishing vacation there, most agencies include transport from Kiruna to R'stojaure. The agency will provide lodging in a cabin, transport to fishing, fishing-guide, fishing-license, coffee or tea by the campfire and a box with flies for the season. The price of this is usually around 1350€.

Fly-Fishing for the beginner

Only a beginner and want to fly fish? Why not go on a vacation, with a course in fly-fishing for beginners. Majority of fishing agencies start the first day with fly-fishing techniques and what fly to use. There is a crash-course in Entomology, instructions in how to tie the best knots and what leader to use and when to use it.

Then in the evening, or morning, depending on what agency you choose, you start fishing and have the opportunity to try different fly-fishing techniques, with the help of an experienced guide.

If you want to, you tie your own fly and use it to catch your first trout or grayling on that fly. They have fly-tying equipment with them on this adventure that is available if you want to tie flies. One of their guides is a former professional fly tier, who will help you with your fly tying.

After this course, you will be able to fly-fish with a nymph or a dry fly in every corner of earth with confidence. Everybody that would like to learn fly-fishing is welcome.

The agencies include in the fishing vacation, transport from Lule or Arvisjaur to the mountains. Lodging is provided in a cabin as well as transport to fishing and the usual amenities such as a fishing-guide, coffee or tea by the campfire, fishing-license and a box with flies for the season. The cost of this trip usually costs 695€.

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Trout fishing in the mountains

Fishing vacations usually concentrate on one thing to do specifically on the trip- it could be to catch a specific fish or to fish a certain way. Newport KYPD would like to discuss brown trout in this fishing vacation.

To catch brown trout, people fish in lakes and streams with nymph, dry fly and streamer. The brown trout is from one pound and up to 8 pounds or more. It is always a good possibility to get a big trout if you're with the right agencies that have the right people and equipment.

Particularly, experience the beautiful mountains in the west of Sweden with streams and lakes with wild native brown trout. There is some walking in the mountains from 1-10 km, but the walking is by easy trails.

Most agencies will include transport from Lule or Arvidsjaur to the mountains. Of course, lodging in a cabin is provided as well as transport to fishing, fishing-guide, coffee or tea by the campfire, fishing-license and a box with flies for the season. The cost of this is usually 695€.